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Economic Development

Content Separator Economic Development

There are economic opportunities abound in Lake View! Lake View is powered by fiber optics to every home and business, we offer low tax and utility rates, a dedicated workforce, and the added benefit of 250,000 visitors to our area annually.

Lake View's major businesses revolve around our natural resources. Our largest industry is agriculture - Sac County is the popcorn production capital of the world. Another major industry is tourism - Lake View is the home of beautiful Black Hawk Lake, a 957-acre glacial lake and regional tourist hotspot. Lake View also has an active mining industry that provides gravel and sand to another large industry - concrete block and tile manufacturing. An international company, Evapco, has located its air handling unit division for the food industry in Lake View.

Lake View stands ready to assist your new or expanding business. Lake View works with many partners to offer local, county, and state financial incentives that can be packaged to meet the needs of any business or industry.

Detailed demographic, business, labor, and community information can be found here.

Contact Person:
Scott Peterson, City Clerk/Administrator
305 Main Street
Lake View, Ia. 51450
Phone: (712) 657-2634
Fax: (712) 657-2744

Lake View can put together an incentive package to meet your needs.
We have access to many programs:

Tax Abatement

The City of Lake View offers tax abatement to all new construction; residential, commercial or industrial. Owners have the option to choose:

  • 1. 90% abatement for two years
  • 2. 5 year declining scale:
    Year 1 - 70%
    Year 2 - 60%
    Year 3 - 50%
    Year 4 - 40%
    Year 5 - 30%

Tax Increment Financing

The City of Lake View has used Tax Increment Financing to spur on economic development. There are several examples of how TIF has brought economic development to Lake View and made us a better community. The Evapco project and the Boulders Inn & Suites project are two successful examples. Ask how the City may be able to assist your business through TIF.

Revolving Loan Fund for Building Improvements

Pool size: $10,000

Maximum Loan Amount $ 5,000

Interest Rate .5%

Eligible Uses: Exterior renovation focusing on front of the building including fa├žade improvements, awnings and signs. Specific allowed uses: brick cleaning and tuckpointing, windows and doors, kickplate replacement, painting, and slipcover removal.

Matching Funds: RLF funds may provide up to 67% of the project cost.

Repayment period: Repayment to start the month following the payment of the construction bills, but not longer than six months from date of loan agreement, with repayment over the next twelve months.

Applications: Applications, including project documents and cost estimates, will be considered by the City Council on a first-come basis.

Enterprise Zones

The following incentives are available for new businesses locating within an Enterprise Zone:

  • Refund of sales, service and use taxes paid to contractors or subcontractors during construction
  • Supplemental new jobs training withholding credit of 1-1/2% of gross wages.
  • 10% Investment Tax Credit on Iowa corporate income tax
  • 13% R&D tax credit

Through Region XII C.O.G

Revolving Loan Fund

Lake View will help your business navigate through the programs available through the Iowa Department of Economic Development:

  • Iowa Values Fund (IVF)
  • Economic Development Set Aside (EDSA)
  • Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA)
  • Job Training Fund
  • New Job Tax Credit
  • Entrepreneurial Venture Assistance (EVA) Program
  • Revitalize Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) Program