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City Officials


John Westergaard   (712-790-0361)

City Council Members

Dale Boeckman (816-606-1087)
Mike Frank (712-790-1589)
Tami Moeller (712-269-0920)
Ken Steinkamp (712-830-1149)
Dave Woltman (712-660-3532)

City Staff

Scott Peterson, City Clerk/Administrator
Kay Cates, Assistant City Clerk

Dean Woltman, Utilities Superintendent
Jeff Ross, Assistant Utilities Superintendent
Tommy Gross, Maintenance Worker
Lester Pfaff, Maintenance Worker
Matt Scheffler, Maintenance Worker
Austin Bruening, Lineman
Trent Iversen, Lineman

Chris Jochims, Police Chief
Christian Leisinger, Police Officer
Dan Bruscher, Police Officer
Cody Brown, Police Officer
Nathan Boeckman, Reserve Officer
Cain Junkman, Reserve Officer

Jim Garrels, Fire Chief

Diane Fikkert, Librarian

Nancy Muhlbauer, Camp Crescent Manager

Library Board of Trustees

Judy Kramer, Chairperson
Deann Buddin
Eric Haakenson
Jean Huegerich
Lorraine Peterson
John Scott
Mary Ann Tjaden

Historic Preservation Commission

Sue Barney, Chairperson
Janet Frisbie
George Mohrhauser
Lois Long
Kay Montano
John Smith
Judy Koessel

Park Board

Gail Eischeid
Calee First
Joann Peters
Vickie Toms
Nicki Wiggins

Planning & Zoning Commission

Nathan Boeckman
Linda Drilling
Mary Ludwig
Gary Wicker
Don Hout

Board of Adjustment

LeeAnn Davis
Bart Thoreson
Carol Roth
Richard Stoffregen
Jerry Waldrup