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Economic Development

Economic opportunities abound in Lake View!  We are powered by fiber optics to every home and business, offer low tax and utility rates, and have a dedicated workforce.

Located in the heartland, Lake View’s major businesses revolve around our natural resources with our largest industry being agriculture. Sac County is the popcorn production capital of the world. Another major industry is tourism. Home to beautiful Black Hawk Lake, a 957-acre glacial lake and regional tourist destination, we welcome 250,000 visitors to our community each year.  We also have an active aggregate mining industry that provides gravel and sand to another large industry – concrete block and tile manufacturing. In addition to these industries, EVAPCO, an international evaporative cooling and industrial refrigeration company, has located its air handling unit division for the food industry in Lake View.

Lake View is ready to assist you with new or expanding business plans. We work with many partners to offer local, county and state financial incentives packaged to meet the needs of any business or industry.  Detailed demographic, income and community information can be found at ISU City Data for Decision Makers

We look forward to working with you to help grow both your business and our community. For more information, please contact:

Theresa Pudenz, City Administrator
305 Main Street
Lake View, IA 51450
O: (712) 657-2634
C: (319) 759-4793
F: (712) 657-2744

Capable of putting together an incentive package that meets your needs, Lake View has access to the following programs:

Tax Abatement
The City of Lake View offers a tax abatement for all new construction (residential, commercial or industrial). Owners have the option to choose either:

  • 90% abatement for two years or a 5-year declining scale of:
  • Year 1 – 70%
  • Year 2 – 60%
  • Year 3 – 50%
  • Year 4 – 40%
  • Year 5 – 30%

Tax Increment Financing
The City of Lake View has used Tax Increment Financing to spur economic development to improve our community. There are several examples of how TIF has helped to bring economic development to Lake View, including the EVAPCO project and Boulders Inn and Suites. Contact us today to see how we may be able to assist your business through the use of TIF.

Revolving Loan Fund for Building Improvements

  • Pool size: $10,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount: $5,000
  • Interest rate: .5%
  • Eligible Uses: Exterior renovation focusing on front of the building including façade improvements, awnings and signs. Specific allowed uses:  brick cleaning and tuckpointing, windows and doors, kickplate replacement, painting and slipcover removal.
  • Matching Funds: RLF funds may provide up to 67% of the project cost.
  • Repayment Period: Repayment starts the month following the payment of the construction bills, but no longer than six months from date of loan agreement, with repayment over the next twelve months.
  • Applications: Applications, including project documents and cost estimates, will be considered by the City Council on a first-come basis.

Region XII C.O.G.
Region XII Development Corporation (RDC) provides loans & financial packaging assistance to businesses throughout the six counties Region XII serves. Since 1995, the RDC has provided loans to over 90 businesses totaling over $7.8 million. As a result, 840+ jobs have been created/retained, and over $73 million has been invested in our counties.

Loan applications are reviewed monthly by a committee of local development and private lender representation from each county. Borrowers are required to meet investment and job creation criteria, which is further explained in this fact sheet.

State of Iowa
Lake View will help your business navigate through the programs available through the Iowa Department of Economic Development.  These programs include:

  • High Quality Jobs Program
  • Economic Development Set Aside (EDSA)
  • New Jobs Tax Credit
  • Target Jobs Withholding Tax Credits
  • Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) Program
  • And MANY OTHERS!!!

We are also available to help small businesses.  The State of Iowa has several small business assistance programs providing essential technical and financial assistance. Some of these  include:

  • Business License Information Center
  • IASourceLink
  • Targeted Small Business Program

The City of Lake View seeks to partner with businesses and individuals to meet the housing needs in our community. Developers are needed for new housing units and residential sub-divisions. Lake View is ready to assist with your project development and implementation.  Financial assistance with infrastructure installation is available.  We are willing to work with regional and State programs to assist the developer and those purchasing homes.

Sac County Economic & Tourism Development (SETD)
Lake View is a member of SETD.  Their Executive Director, Brandy Ripley, works hand-in-hand with the City and businesses to grow economic opportunities in Sac County.

For more information on what SETD can do, please contact Brandy at:

Brandy Ripley, Executive Director
O:  (712) 664-2940
C:  (712) 661-9713