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Lake View Foundation

Established in the spring of 2017, the Lake View Foundation provides our community with a 501(c)(3) organization focused on connecting people with a common goal of enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Lake View. Totally independent of city funds and administration, it provides a place to put charitable dollars directly to work in our community.

The foundation offers many benefits for both those looking to support our community and the community at large. Classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, gifts and bequests to the Foundation receive the maximum tax benefits allowed. They can be made to memorialize or honor a loved one and are completely confidential unless the donor chooses otherwise. The Foundation also has the ability to accept different kinds of gifts from cash or stock to real estate.

Lake View benefits from the Foundation by having the ability to apply for a variety of grants that are available only to foundations, giving important projects an additional funding source. It also has the flexibility to allow a donor to make a gift for current fundraising projects or something specific that they feel passionate about such as Main Street beautification. Quite simply, the Foundation provides our community with a vehicle to receive and distribute gifts that enhance our Lake View lifestyle.

Board Members

Jim Millenacker – President

A former paramedic and firefighter in Carroll that spent many summers enjoying a family cabin on Black Hawk Lake, Jim and his wife, LaJean, decided to make Lake View their permanent home when they retired. He has a history of volunteering in Lake View and served 6 years on the Black Hawk Lake Protective Association Board of Directors. During that time, he enjoyed the cooperative efforts of many city, county and state organizations that worked together to improve one of our largest economic engines and lifestyle amenities, Black Hawk Lake. Jim feels that the best way for a small town to move forward is to promote attractive amenities through the use of grants and donations. He hopes the Lake View Foundation will continue to support the legacy of providing Lake View with amenities that will attract business and tourism, along with a lifestyle that brings people here to live and recreate in our town.

Brent Mueggenberg – 1st Vice President

While growing up, Brent was a regular visitor to Lake View since his grandparents owned a house on the lake. Since becoming a resident of the town 16 years ago, he has been active in the community and is currently involved with the Hometown Pride Committee, Lake View Housing and Development Authority, and the Sac County Master Gardener program. He works as a purchasing manager for Century Nutrition in Ida Grove, and his educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwest Missouri State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Upper Iowa University. Brent believes that a combination of protecting and building upon Lake View’s many unique attributes will help ensure that the community has a bright future ahead of it.

Colton Wicker – 2nd Vice President

A resident of Lake View for 32 years, Colton grew up in Lake View and has always taken pride in our community. He served a tenure as Vice President and President of the Lake View Black Hawk Men’s Club from 2018-2021, and has been a volunteer with the Club since 2014. Colton is currently a financial advisor for Ameriprise Financial and has over 5 years of experience in the industry.



Darlis Brincks-Jensen – Treasurer

Darlis and her husband, Jim, have been full-time residents of Lake View for 9 years. A graduate of Lake View-Auburn High School in 1981, Darlis has been enjoying all that Lake View has to offer since then. It began with camping here, then purchasing a summer place in Dixieland Park, and now living here full-time on the lake since 2013. She is a licensed cosmetologist who owned her own salon for 32 years, until she and her husband purchased Trophies Plus in 2011, where she is the accountant for the company. Darlis loves the Lake View lifestyle and volunteers for many organizations, including the Stone Pier Summer Concert Series, Sip & Sample, and the new Community Center projects. Wanting to be even more active in the community, she decided to take a position on the Lake View Foundation Board to help Lake View continue to progress and grow.

Judy Miller – Secretary

Judy and her husband, Lannie, have been residents of Lake View since 1974. Both were originally from Kansas and moved to Iowa after Lannie accepted a job with the Iowa Conservation Commission. Judy was a first grade teacher for 31 years for the LVA, WLVA, and East Sac County school districts. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Buena Vista University and a Masters In Professional Education from Morningside College. Judy has been a National Board Certified Teacher for 20 years. After retiring two years ago, she continues to substitute teach when needed. She is a member of Emmanuel Lutheran Church and has served on the Sunday School Board of Education, taught Sunday school, and served in other capacities within the church. Judy truly believes this town has been a blessing to her whole family. It’s a small town with educational and fun activities, a beautiful lake, and amazing people. She feels it has been a wonderful place to raise their three children and loves sharing Lake View with their seven grandchildren whenever they visit.

Connie Aasen – Foundation Grant Writer

Connie is past president of the Foundation, and current grant writer for projects the Foundation feels are beneficial to our community. A former marketing executive, she has experience in content writing, fundraising, event planning, and project management.

Donate to the Foundation

As a 501(C)(3) organization, the Lake View Foundation accepts bequests, memorial gifts, and stock transfers. For those of you who are over 72, an IRA charitable contribution to the Foundation for a project you believe in, can also satisfy the annual minimum distribution requirements for your IRA. You may want to talk with your tax accountant about the tax benefits of gifting that way. Gifts need to be made payable to Lake View Foundation and mailed to the following address:

Lake View Foundation
P.O. Box 711
Lake View, IA 51450